Honey Barbecue Glazed Chicken

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It is interesting to me how quickly my brain can shift my food preferences throughout the day. Each day, sometimes even each hour, I feel like I am changing my mind about what would be good to eat. For those days when you want something sweet for dinner, a honey barbecue glaze is perfect. I think I have come up with a tasty honey barbecue glaze recipe that can easily be tweaked to suit any personal preference; I am looking forward to experimenting with it too! This recipe is great for weeknights, when you do not have much time for dinner. It goes great with Oven Roasted Potatoes as well!

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    Italian Sausage & Tortellini Soup

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    As I have mentioned numerous times before, I try not to eat pasta when I am not at work. So, to serve with the Double Tomato Bruschetta, I chose this recipe for an Italian sausage soup. Yes, I know that tortellini still counts as pasta, but it is a bit fancier and this recipe doesn’t use very much of it. This soup captures the essence of true Italian flavors- basil, tomato, garlic, oregano, and red wine- and is a great alternative to the typical Italian pasta dinner.

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      Cajun Salmon w/ Spicy Eggplant Salsa & Minted Cucumber Relish

      This is probably the fanciest recipe I have ever made. A friend of mine typed this recipe up and sent it to me during her vacation, I had been looking forward to cooking it with her. I was like a little kid with a new toy while I was cooking and plating the food. It is always fun to make fancy dishes that you can plate nicely. This recipe has a LOT of flavors in it, but my friend and I decided that the cucumber relish really isn’t very necessary and it would probably have been better without it. The eggplant salsa was very unique, but really good!


      Indian Meatballs w/ Curried Vegetables

      I came across a recipe for Indian Meatballs while I was in New Zealand last summer, but never got around to making them. This week I decided to add to the recipe I found to make this dish. This dish is not very spicy because the coconut milk tones down the curry, but can be made spicier with Siracha if you desire. This took me a bit longer than I expected… I never realized that making meatballs was such a hassle!


      Trailer Trash Pot Roast

      My friends and I decided to have an early holiday dinner to celebrate Christmas this week. A little while back, I came across this recipe on the Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy blog, but hadn’t gotten a chance to make it. A pot roast is a great thing to make during the holidays, because you can begin cooking it early, then cook everything else while it finishes cooking. This recipe combines Coca Cola and Chili Sauce for a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.


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      Chicken Breasts w/ Roasted Red Peppers

      It is that time of the year again… no not the holidays, the time when everybody you know is broke, waiting for their paycheck or other form of money to come in. A few friends and I wanted to make dinner together, but could not afford an extravagant meal this time. There are so many ways to dress up an ordinary chicken breast. This recipe (originally found on MyRecipes) is perfect for those days right before your paycheck comes in, costing less than $2 per serving!


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      Lobster & Shrimp Thermidor

      The second lobster dish that I cooked this week was Lobster Thermidor. This recipe took a bit longer than the Butter Poached Lobster & Shrimp recipe. I added shrimp to this recipe as well to add some extra substance to the meal, since we didn’t have very much lobster meat. I found this recipe on MyRecipes from Cooking Light, but tweaked it a little. It is a healthier version of a Lobster Thermidor recipe. If I could afford to buy lobster more often, I would cook these two recipes all the time!


      Butter Poached Lobster & Shrimp w/ Fresh Tomatoes

      For my weekly cooking lesson with my mom, I killed and cooked my first lobster! We decided to make two different recipes with our lobsters. This is the first recipe we made, a very quick and simple way to cook lobster with a ton of flavor.


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      Potato & Broccoli Casserole

      To go with the Tangy Mustard Chicken, I chose another dish that included a little bit of Dijon mustard. The original recipe called for sour cream, but I just chose to leave it out to make it a little healthier. I also used less cheese, once again trying to be healthier (my trip to Mexico took a toll on my body!).


      Chicken Breast w/ Tangy Mustard Sauce

      After spending a week away from the kitchen, I sort of lost my inspiration to cook. I surfed the web for recipes, read other people’s food blogs, and talked to people about food, but I just couldn’t seem to find any recipes that interested me. Hoping to change my mood, I turned to my secret obsession- sauces. I found one site with over 200 sauce recipes for chicken alone! I have found my inspiration once again and am excited to share my interesting new recipes!


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